Help Us Welcome Santa To Kaiapoi

 Santa Parade 

Saturday 9th December 2017

3.00pm to 4.00pm

We are aiming to create the pageantry and fun that heralds Santa’s arrival into Kaiapoi and North Canterbury.

It is our Christmas wish to have the Santa Parade the largest and brightest ever. We now have a route that has been approved by all the regulatory agencies involved, to make this Christmas wish come true.

We require more people and associations to be involved, so Santa’s entrance can start the festive season in style as the countdown to his big day begins.

To make our Santa Parade amazing we are looking for:  

  • Themed floats that bring smiles to the gathered crowd lining the route
  • Clowns, super heroes, super villains, princess and fairies  
  • Larger than life TV heroes or movie characters
  • Schools that have made their end of year school project to be in the parade
  • Lively bands which include brass, pipe and any other genre
  • Marching girls, gymnastic groups, jugglers and trick bike riders the more the merrier
  • Cultural and migrant groups in national costume or dance costume to represent our cultural diversity
  • Animals dressed for the occasion and dogs performing tricks
  • Emergency service vehicles both old and new
  • Vintage and collectable cars themed appropriately either reflective of their era or the festive season
  • Businesses wishing to show their support for the Kaiapoi community


It is a great time of the year for people to show off and support for their community organisation and the never say die attitude of Kaiapoi.  

The KPA has secured a selection of great prizes so you have to be in to win.  Let your creative side go wild whilst having fun and bringing enjoyment to others.

Please contact Andrew, our event manager, through the contact form if you have any questions about the Santa Parade or to discuss if your idea for a float. Why not use our online registration form to save time and start the process to secure your place in the Kaiapoi  Santa Parade.

Please note 

  • Parade entries are not to be commercialized. You may not pass out samples of your product, or business cards. This is an event for children, not a promotion of business enterprises. It's an opportunity to increase "goodwill" within the community.
  • Company branded vehicles with tinsel wrapped on the wing mirrors do not a Santa float make.

Sponsored by:


Waimakariri District Council




Men At Work